Commercial Interior Photography

With today’s technological advancements, not many people will welcome the idea of hiring a professional photographer for any task. Nowadays, kids as young as 6 years old own a smart phone, which comes equipped with a high quality camera and photo editing applications. With such technology, an amateur is able to take hundreds of photos, among which some will look like they are straight from a magazine.

But let’s face the facts – simply because you can take stunning pictures of your lunch or new snickers, doesn’t make you a professional photographer. For instance, if you were to take pictures of your new business in order to showcase it in a positive light, you’d need more than just a quality camera. Here are some of the importance of hiring a professional for commercial interior photography.

Consistent Interior Photography

One of the best ways to give your advertisement some credibility is by taking consistent pictures. There is no point of investing thousands of dollars on web design and search engine optimization, only to post pictures that look like they were taken by different people from different locations. A professional photographer is able to come up with images that are not only appealing, but also consistent.

Creative Commercial Interior Photography

The fact that your business will be in constant competition with other companies means that you’ll have to put in more effort in order to attract more customers. When it comes to commercial interiors, you’ll need to be very creative in order to put across the right message. A high quality camera might be able to take good pictures, but it will take a lot of creativity to make your business stand out. This can only be achieved by hiring a professional photography service provider.

Commercial Photography Lighting

The secret to quality interior photography lies in lighting. Proper lighting creates a clearer, cleaner and dynamic image for your company. Now, unless you’ve taken photography lessons, knowing how to set the light for your pictures will be difficult. Professional photographers on the other hand will know how to work with any room, object and person in their shots. They’ve had years of experience, and will know when to use natural light and when artificial light is needed when taking a picture.

Cost of Professional Pictures

One of the best ways to attract customers is by showcasing your business in a professional manner. The kinds of photographs you use on your website, brochures, business cards and other forms of advertisements will determine how well people receive you. If you take low quality photos, people will assume that your services are mediocre. Hiring a professional to take these images doesn’t have to cost you your first born. If you are budget-conscious or a start-up company, you can start small and only invest in a professional banner or headshot image. As business grows, you can invest more money in photos of the interior and exterior of your location, product images, photos of key team members and group shots.


Every professional photographer tries their best to impress each client they are working for. This is mainly because they want to create a good name for themselves. They will do their best to take unique photos of your business, helping you gain the upper hand when competing against your business rivals.


Lighting ratio, emotional content, dark/light field, color contrast, sharpness, leading lines, visual impact, accurate ratios and depth of field are just some of the factors a professional photographer will have in mind when taking photos. This will not only help them take quality pictures, but will also ensure the results are as desired by the client. When creating a brand of your business, you’ll need to determine what you want the potential customer to feel when they view your images. Do you want them to feel excited nostalgic or unique? Once you’ve made your decision on what the images should say about your business, the photographer will be able to use their skills to ensure everything turns out just as you expected, or better.

Photography Stats

If you are still unsure on whether to hire a professional, here are some statistics that will help you make an informed decision;

– Up to 90 percent of the information capture by the human brain is visual

– Up to 94 percent of internet users will visit a page only when it has images.

– Up to 70 percent of customers claim that they are likely to make a purchase when or buy a service when there are quality images.

– Articles that contain pictures will get up to 90 percent more views.

Hiring a Photographer for Your Business

Once you’ve made the decision to hire professional photography, you’ll need to ensure you invest your money on a reputed service provider. Find out how many jobs they’ve taken up in the past and ask for their portfolio. Go through past photographs and only then, determine whether they are right for you or not.