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Are Real Estate Photos Really To Sell Properties?

I have been telling my clients for years that hiring me to photograph your listing will not be the cause of you selling your property. Very rarely will a buyer make an offer on a home just from viewing the photographs. I do however tell them that hiring me will acheive two important things: 1) it well get more people to see the home then otherwise would ask for viewings 2) it will get you, the agent, more listings in the future.

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SkyView Visuals | Real Estate Photography on Long Island

I teamed with with SkyView Visuals to shoot this magnificent home in the North Shore of Long Island. What a beautiful day it turned out to be.  The blue sky with just the right amount of fluffy clouds along with all the greenery in the yard really helps to show off the attractive exterior of the house. 

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Five Towns Miller Realty | Woodmere, NY

A few weeks ago Five Towns Miller Realty reached out to me about a brand new listing.  This was a beautiful, recently renovated home and they wanted to have professional photos taken to help market the property.

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Advantage to Professional Photographs for Real Estate Listings

Whenever I speak to real estate agents that are not yet clients (or do not use professional photographers for their listings), I often get asked the question, is it really necessary for me to have professional photos of my listings? “My iPhone camera is incredible and I take my photos with that,” is probably the most common answer I receive. “I have been marketing my listings without professional photos for years, and it’s been working for me” is another popular one. Truth is, if you’re not using a professional photographer and professional photos to market your home, you are not marketing your home. 

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